Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I finally figure out my password to blogger! kinda miss blogging! hahaha!

i realise that i'd actually forget quite a lot of the old me! i had been withdrawn from the old! too many things happening nowadays till i dont know what m i suppose to do to think to feel.. i really wish to know how m i suppose to feel n react but apparently i dont!

shall stop here for now! stay tuned!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

SOO RARE! im BLOGGING! hahahahha

met D! went all the way to novena! just because i wanna eat UDDERS! hahahaha its so nice! hahaha we argued:( but after tt under ice cream! everything is okay! hahahaha so fun tdy! hahaha! we really had fun! drew at the board! yess! hahahahah

afterwhich went glo house! im still here! drank scotch whiskey! hahahahha other den the unglam pic! its fun! hahahahaha

i wanna swim in the sky! no traffic jam!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

nearly forget that my blog exist! hahahahah im not in the mood to work yet but i will!

last week of sem 1! hahahah everything was so light and easy! as most stuff are covered! only thing left is practical exam! such a big boo! y chose the last week?! im already in holiday mood!

only have 3papers for sem exam! ohh yeah! so my vacation starts on 13sep!:) hahahah niceee! plus 3days before are all holidays!:)

hahahaha life had been really different! seen alot! learn alot!

some love pass by! some love stays inside forever!:)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Been having a heavy heart, nobody is worried but i am... to me its insecure! i feel bothered by it...

im glad that today i finally feel on task, i had to wake up early for some remedial but im learning, the rest of the day went pretty well also but im still very quiet. yes no doubt joking and playing with ling is fun... but inside i feel feeling-less. unless my mind remind me that im with ling, if not i will just walk. today had kinda been like that, somethings fine, sometimes quiet. i didnt explain anything to anyone, because i dont know how to. i wanna keep feeling on task, i was lost, now that i found it, i dont want to lose it.

i stood far to look at it, i hope something about it has change but most of the time it remains the same. i could have step forward, go closer but i didnt, for i know if i do, i might not be able to stop myself for tearing.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

TADAH! tts de guess necklace i was talking abt!:)
n i got this tdy! hahahahha

n im officially broke! hahahahaha tt wristlet is damn worth de price! hahahah its bigger n its only 84! hahaha usual price: 155(around so) after 30% dis, n another 20% dis, its 84! hahahahha

not a very good start tdy! hahahaha anyway things kinda went well! hahahhaha D cheered me up like alot! hahahahhaa he is a very sweet guy! hahahahah! n such a joker! hahahahah

hmmm lots of projects in hand not settled but im leaving it aside! hahahahahah take my time!:)